The prices below reflect typical sizes available. Depending on the actual work of art, sizes vary, however, the prices structure will be similar

Actual Size of Artwork                    Price

               5x7                                 $45.00

               8x10                               $80.00

               11x14                             $175.00

               16x20                             $275.00

               18x24                             $300.00

               20x24                             $310.00

               22x28                             $350.00

               24x30                             $395.00

               24x36                             $425.00

All works of art are reproduced on the finest archival materials available today. Artwork is available in two forms: On canvas or on watercolor paper.


Canvas prints are mounted on foam core and coated with varnish that protects it from environmental contamination.  These canvas prints are ready to drop into a frame of your choice - no glass required.

Watercolor paper prints are matted with acid free white mattes.  The matte size typically adds 5 inches to the overall print size. Framed paper prints should be protected from environmental contamination with glass.

Please Note:  All reproductions of works of art are limited to just 5 prints.  As such, some artwork on this website may not be available.